Au Naturale Finishes

Natural Building, Natural Finishes and Tadelkt

Ayla Challenger:                   

Services Available

-Consulting and coaching for homeowners and builders

-Tadelakt mixing, applying and finishing, over cob or cement board clay paints

  1. -Mixing finish clay plasters to consistency and colour

  2. -Applying finish clay plasters on drywall or browncoat walls for smooth or textured finish

  3. -Earthen browncoat plaster mixing and applying to lath, light clay infill, cob and straw bale

  4. -Earthen browncoat bench and floor, finishing with linseed oil and wax, Claylin Certified

  5. -Lime plasters, frescos and washes

  6. -Cob walls and benches, light clay infill, and straw bale construction